Jio Fiber Set Top Box

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As you know that the Jio Fiber has rolled out is Giga fiber services in India. They are offering a free set-top box along with the connection. Today, in this article we will review all the features of Jio Fiber Set Top Box.

Before we move ahead, let’s have a brief understanding of what is Jio Fiber Service. It is basically a broadband internet service provided by Reliance Jio. The service is available across around 1600 cities in India. Reliance Jio is offering a free set-top box along with its Jio fiber connection.

Jio Fiber Router

Apart from Jio GigaFiber, the company will be offering a bunch of internet-enabled services like Jio GigaTV. It will provide a Jio set-top-box that can stream 400 channels, movies, music, videos and more. The Jio GigaTV will probably a foundation for the Jio DTH services. For this, you need not have a smart TV.

What is Jio Giga Fiber

A Fiber to the home (FTTH) broadband service. At preset the fiber cable reaches the main building only and copper cable was used for the last connection which affects the speed. Now it will reach the individual’s home directly offering high-speed internet connectivity.

Jio Fiber has already received more than 1.5 crore applications for the Jio Fiber service, and many more are expected in the near future. There are six different plans available for a subscriber to chose from. The base plan starts at just Rs. 699/- per month which offers 100 Mbps of speed. Here is a detailed article on What is Jio Fiber.

Jio Fiber Set Top Box Review

The Set-top box of Jio fiber will offer a great entertainment experience to its users across India. It will also be able to receive cable TV signals from local cable operators. For that Jio has already started tie-ups with the local cable operators.

The set-top box is equipped with loads of features like a gaming console and home-sharing features. The set-top box is having a 5.0 GHz of frequency which is capable of delivering high internet speed up to 80 to 85 Mbps.

The set-top box has a zero-latency gaming experience and it will support 4K high-resolution display. It is also equipped with mix-reality services and can offer services like MR education, MR shopping, and MR movie watching.

The setting up of Jio Set Top Box is very easy. and it is very fast. It takes very few minutes to get a start. It is totally an Android interface. You will get to see the Jio TV app. It is the same app that you can have on your mobile. These channels can be watched live through the Jio TV app.

You will also get to watch lot of movies through the Jio TV app. Same as that you can watch cartoons in Kids section. You will also get the Youtube app in the set-top box.

Jio Fiber Set Top Box FAQ

How Can I get the Jio Set Top Box?

For getting the Jio Set Top Box you simply need to subscribe to any of the Jio Fiber Plans. The free preview plan is going to end soon. You need to opt for any of the plans and you will get the option to install Jio set-top box.
Once you ask for the installation, the Jio set-top box will be delivered to your home. You also have an option to collect the set-top box from any of the nearby Jio store.

Is the Set Top Box free?

Yes, the set-top box comes free with any of the Jio Fiber Plans. The base plan starts with ₹. 699 + 18% GST.

Can I use all the OTT applications?

No, You cannot use all OTT applications with Jio Fiber Plan. You need to opt for at least a Gold plan to be able to use all OTT services.

Can I use the Set Top Box if I am not a Jio Fiber customer?

No, you cannot. The set-top box is only for the Jio fiber customers. IT cannot be used with any other services.

Will the data usage for the OTT app will be counted in my usage?

Yes, all internet usage will be counted with OTT app usage.

How to connect the Jio Set Top Box with my TV?

You will get an HDMI port in Jio set-top box. so you can connect the TV through the HDMI cable. There is no traditional analog output available in Jio set-top box. Jio set-top box is an Android set-top box. You will get Android 9.0 Pie. and August 2019 security patch.

Can I get another Android app in Jio Set Top Box?

No. You won’t get any android app like Amazon Prime or Netflix. You will only get Jio apps. So if you are already using android TV, you should not switch to Jio set-top box.

Can I sideload the android application in Jio set-top box?

You will get a browser on the set-top box, but you can not sideload any android application in Jio set-top box.

How can I watch live TV on my Jio Set-top Box?

The feature is currently not live. you can attach your existing cable connection to the Jio set-top box, but you still need to pay the subscription charges to your existing cable operator. Jio is tieing yo with the local cable operator for providing the live TV services.

Can I attach my gaming control to Jio set-top box?

Right now you won’t be able to connect the other gaming control to Jio set-top box.


Right now if you need traditional TV channel access then you should not leave your existing cable TV operator. If you are using Android smart TV and enjoying apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix, then don’t opt for the Jio Fiber Set Top Box.

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