Jio Fiber Plans Review

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Reliance Jio is all set to launch its Jio Fiber services in India in 2020. The promo has already started and many people have experienced the high-speed internet service offered by Jio Fiber. In December first week, Jio has stopped giving promo services and started charging to its customers. Jio Fiber has launched six different Jio fiber Plans for 2020. In this article, we will discuss and compare these six plans of Jio Fiber.

What is Jio Fiber?

If you are not aware, let me take a minute and explain what is Jio fiber? It is basically an internet-based DTTH (Direct to the home) service through which you will be able to use the internet, watch TV, make phone calls and much more.

This service is based on the technology called Fiber to the home (FTTH). It is a high-speed internet data service through which you will be able to watch internet TV, use WiFi, connect your mobile and much more. Reliance Jio will cover more than 1500 cities in different states of India. Read a detailed article on What is Jio Fiber?

There is a lot of news and buzz going on for Jio fiber plans around the city. I have heard a lot of miss communications and wrong information being floated out in the market. So I decided to clear the dust in the air and give you the exact correct information about the Jio Plans.

Jio Giga Fiber Plans

Jio Fiber has launched six different plans in India. TIll November 2019, they are offering a preview offer in which users will be able to experience the digital broadcasting services provided by Jio Fiber. Since December 2019, they have stopped offering preview offers to new customers and ask existing customers to migrate to any of the newly introduced plans.

Reliance Jio fiber Plans
Reliance Jio fiber Plans

There are various other value-added services are being provided by Jio Fiber to its customers. They are like Free access to Jio TV and Saavan Music. So if you are an existing customer of Jio fiber, you need to opt for any of the above plans in order to continue using Jio Fiber Services.

Jio Fiber Plans Review

Let’s review these six plans of Jio and compare its features and price with the existing plans available in the market. The main competitor of Jio fiber is Airtel, Tata broadband (VSNL), other ISP (Internet Service Providers). So we will compare Jio plans with these ISPs.


The ideal plan for the home with four mobile phones connected to the broadband would require at least 300 to 500 GB/month. In this case, that falls under the Gold plan. The pricing of the Gold plan is ₹ 1299/month. + GST @18%.

Even if you look at the base plan of ₹ 699 wherein you will get 10 Mbps of speed and 150 GB (50 GB for the first 6 months only) of bundled data. So after the completion of 6 months, you will have only 100 GB of data/month. You must be thinking that even 100 GB is more than sufficient for me. No! that’s not the case, Your most of the usage will be streaming live videos or downloading heavy files (movie downloads) then this plan is not sufficient for you.

The second point which you should know is the rental of ₹ 699 is excluding the GST charges. There is 18% GST applicable on this rental so the exact amount you will pay for the base plan is (₹ 699 + 126 GST) ₹. 825 per month. Same way for the Silver plan you would be paying ₹ 1200/month with GST and will get 400 GB for the first 6 months. After that, you will get 200 GBs/ month.

The third and major misconception in the market is you will get a cable connection to watch live TV in this plan. But that is not true. Jio certainly has tie-ups with the local cable operators, but the cable service is not free with this plan. You have to pay extra charges to watch live TV for this plan.

There are some ISPs how are providing nearly the same data at a much lower price. So in terms of the price, Jio Fiber is costly as compared to the other ISPs. We Indians have a habit of getting too much at too little price. Also, Jio has set an example of providing mobile services at the cheapest rate in India. So our perception towards Jio Fiber Services is the same as Jio Mobile Services.

Even Hathway in Hyderabad is providing 100 Mbps of speed at just ₹ 499 + GST with no data capping. Hathway is not owned by Reliance Industries. There was a strategic alliance between Reliance and Hathway to leverage the broadband network laid down by the Hathway.

From the price perspective, Jio fiber plans are not that cheap as compared to its competitors. There is no free lunch here.


Jio Fiber is providing up to 1 Gbps of speed in its top plans. There is two variant in the top plan which are ₹ 3999 wherein you will get 2500 GB and 1 Gbps of speed. Another plan provides 5000 GB and 1 Gbps of speed for ₹ 8499.

Airtel is also providing 1 Gbps of speed in its Xstream plan to counter Jio’s plan. So we can say that the Airtel’s plan is competing well against Jio fiber plans.

As the speed increases your consumption of the data will also increase at a higher speed. So 500GB also might not be enough for you if you are a heavy data user.

Another point you should consider is the speed you will get after you consume your FUP data (Fair Usage Policy). For the base plan (Bronze Plan), the speed will be throttled to just 1 Mbps after you consume your 100 GB. So in other words, your speed will be cut down by 99% of your plan. Which is too bad. This is not the case with other ISP, who is giving a reasonable speed after throttled.

This applies to the higher end plans as well. Just imagine you are paying ₹ 10000/month for 1 Gbps of speed and your speed will be throttled to just 1Mbps.

4K Set-Top Box

This is something you should look for. The set-top box is true android based 4K. It’s like Amazon’s fire stick wherein you will get all the TV channels and loads of android apps.

The set-top box comes with a 2.4 GHz WiFi band and the other one comes with a 5.0 GHz WiFi band. You will get max 40 to 45 Mbps and around 80 Mbps respectively.

The good thing about this set-top box is, you can attach the same to your existing TV and convert it to Smart TV(if it’s not already a smart TV). This set-top box will be available with all the plans. Popular apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, etc will be available through the set-top box.

jio fiber set top box
Jio fiber set-top box

There will be lot of android apps available with this set-top box. Here one thing I would like to inform you is that whatever data you will consume through these OTT apps, will be counted in your plan.

This is not a cable TV set-top box. I can call it an Android smart TV box.


If you are a power user (high data user), you may go for it. But only after considering the below points. There are many local broadband service providers who are providing the broadband at dirt cheap rates as compared to Jio Fiber Plans. Why one should opt Jio fiber is for its reliability. It hardly gets down, so you can count on it.

  • If you are a heavy data user, these plans are very very expensive.
  • Prices are excluding GST (GST would be extra)
  • Bundled data might not be enough (if you are a heavy user)
  • Cable TV is not free, you need to pay extra for that
  • OTT apps are not free( data consumption will be counted)
  • Once you consume your bundled data, the speed will be cut off by 99% (too bad)
  • Jio Fiber Plans are not the cheapest
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